Plan with certainty. Grow with confidence.

Naverix is the only platform you need to set a clear course for your business and create and manage the action plans to get you there.

All of your strategic information and growth plans at your fingertips.

One of a kind platform that puts you in control

Experience the simplicity of a single platform for your vital industry and marketplace information, business goals and growth plans – all available to you and your team anywhere, anytime.

Clarify how your business will win customers by being distinctive within your industry.

So much more is expected from businesses today. Keeping pace and adapting to the digital age whilst creating new sources of revenue and satisfying a marketplace that’s always on the move. Naverix empowers you to be clear about how you will participate and win within your industry.

Set business goals with confidence

Context enables better goal setting.

Naverix enables you to set goals for the most important opportunities and challenges for your business. Experience the power of knowing where your business is headed and why.

Create action plans to achieve your business goals.

Enjoy the confidence that your action plans are directly linked to the achievement of your goals. Intuitive task management features make action plans easy to maintain.

See the revenue and profit impacts of your action plans with Naverix financial forecasting graphs.

Naverix is a collaborative platform that brings your team together around clear business goals.

Naverix is the control centre for your business

  • Create and maintain profiles of your industry and the marketplace
  • Assess the performance and capabilities of your business
  • Position your business to succeed in your industry
  • Set clear business goals for success
  • Create action plans with financial forecasts
  • See real-time views of progress with clear accountability
  • Experience your team working together on the things that matter
  • Access and update your information anywhere, anytime

“At Power2, we strive to provide efficient accounting solutions to our clients – but we know our industry is changing. Naverix helps us understand what the most important things are for our business, and then put in place the action plans for growth.”

Andrew Poots

Plan with certainty. Grow with confidence.