Growing and protecting a business in the digital age requires careful and considered planning.

Naverix steps your business through that planning process, creating profiles of the industry you operate within, the marketplace you sell to, and the performance and capabilities of your own business.

From there, strategic goals are set to leverage the most important opportunities and to solve the most important challenges for your business. Each goal has its own action plan that shows how it will be achieved.

All of your strategic information, goals and action plans are available to you and your team anywhere, anytime. Action plans are easy to maintain with intuitive task management features, driving accountability in your team.

With Naverix, a business becomes more strategic, more focused, more collaborative and higher performing.

All of your data is private and secure. You control who sees your information and who can update it. Naverix uses Secure SSL certificate layer, and all data transmission is protected with bank-level encryption (SHA 256 bit encryption).

Naverix also empowers business advisors

Bringing business and trusted advisors together

Naverix is a digital platform for accounting firms to engage with business clients to deploy strategy and growth planning services. The Naverix system is a key pillar in the accounting industry’s Firm of the Future - enabling unprecedented simplicity for accountants to connect with business clients to plan and manage growth.

Transition a compliance-based practice into a business advisory firm seamlessly with the turn-key Naverix platform

Creating a value-add business advisory service doesn’t need to be difficult. With the Naverix platform as your engine, you can be up and running in no time. Naverix provides flexibility for you to tailor your advisory service to suit the needs and capacity of your practice and clients.

Our Partner Program is designed for practices like yours

Accounting firms in the Naverix Partner Program have access to preferential pricing for clients, an exclusive partner portal incorporating your own client dashboard, extensive reporting, and dedicated training in the Naverix platform to quickly get you going. Not only will your current clients be delighted with their new found clarity and direction, the Naverix system will facilitate client acquisition through attracting SME businesses who are seeking a skilled and trusted advisor to support them on their growth journey.

Retain current clients and attract new business. Register now to become a Naverix Partner.